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Recent Entries
by *~*Jamie*~*
A lot
by MoonLight1983
Operation Purple
by HappyHappyHappy
My roommate going out of town and my friend stay for week
by darkshadownite2012
Vacation had to get away
by ✌-mel-☮
If You're Suffering
by Awakened
Relay for Life Macon County Illinios
by The Avon Lady
"I Will Love You for You"
by Awakened
a letter
by A RedSox Fan
Slept time with the family and deal with problem
by darkshadownite2012
by sectumsempra
Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers so mothers be good to your daughters too
by Randi_Lo
Taking a Break
by Dr@gon
I wish i knew how to quit you
by Randi_Lo
oops i did it again.
by twistedlady